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A Program for Persistent or
Recurrent Low Back Pain

At Custom Care Chiro & Performance Therapy, we offer GLA:D ® Back, an international research study designed to help people with persistent or recurrent low back pain.  GLA:D ® Back was designed by researchers and therapists at the University of Southern Denmark in partnership with the University of Alberta.


You may have heard of the GLA: D ® hip and knee program which consists of an education and training course for patients with hip or knee osteoarthritis. Based on the success of this program, GLA: D ® Back was built in the same way for people with back pain.  GLA: D ® Back is provided in small groups (3-10 participants online or in-person) and consists of:

  • An initial assessment where we determine your starting level and discuss your goals

  • 2 education sessions about the back, pain, and what you can do yourself to help your back

  • 16 guided exercise classes, offered twice a week for 8 weeks

  • A final visit where we test how much you have improved and discuss your ongoing plan

  • Gathering information from you to learn about back pain and how to make it better


GLA: D ® Back Helps you through knowledge of back pain, training and exercises.


For GLA:D Back online or in-person classes, you will need to wear comfortable clothes that you can move in, but you don't need special sports clothing or shoes. You can wear indoor shoes or exercise in bare feet. If taking the online course, you will also need access to the internet, an electronic device to access the classes, an exercise mat and a resistance band.


Want to learn more? Have any questions? Not sure if you're a good candidate for the program? Book your FREE 15 minute video consultation today! Contact us at or call 780-250-2273.



Book your FREE 15 minute video or telephone consultation to answer any questions/concerns you may have about the program prior to booking your initial assessment



Schedule your GLA:D Back Initial Assessment approximately 1-2 weeks before program start date


9 Week Program

Begin the 9 week group education & exercise classes

(1 hour twice per week for 9 weeks)



Schedule your GLA:D Back Follow Up Visit approximately 1-2 weeks after program end date

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