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Deep Tissue Laser Therapy (Class IV) Frequently Asked Questions

Is Deep Tissue Laser Therapy safe?

Yes, Deep Tissue Laser Therapy can be a safe alternative to drugs and surgery. Our Class IV Laser is approved by the FDA and Health Canada.

Does the patient feel anything during treatment?
Yes, there is a soothing warmth as the laser is emitted. The laser must be administered directly onto the skin.

Are there any known side-effects?
There are no known side effects. 

How long is a laser treatment?
Depending on the area and type of injury being treated, treatment times may vary. Laser treatment is applied within a typical 15 minute appointment. Most treatments last between 4-10 minutes.


What Conditions Does Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Treat?

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy can be used to treat both acute and chronic injuries including arthritis, neck pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, ankle/foot pain, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome as well as some post surgical pain. The treatment has been endorsed as an essential pain management tool of athletic trainers with the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and FIFA.

How many treatments are needed?
Number of treatments depend on the nature of the injury (location and chronicity). It is generally recommended to try at least 4 treatments, though many conditions benefit from 5 or 6. Some people experience relief after the first visit, while most patients see results within 3-5 visits. Maintenance therapy treatments can be beneficial for arthritic conditions.

Can laser therapy be used in combination with other treatments?
Yes, we often encourage other forms of  treatment, therapy, or exercise to speed up recovery even quicker.

How do I know if Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is right for me?
We conduct a thorough initial visit which includes a detailed history, physical exam, and functional assessment to determine if you are a candidate.

Can laser therapy be used over surgical metallic implants?
Yes, laser therapy is useful for post-surgical healing (such as knee and hip replacements, and other scarring). Since the laser does not directly deliver heat (any warmth felt is a byproduct of a chemical reaction with your body's tissues), it is safe to use over metallic implants.

But I've had laser therapy before; how is this different?
Laser therapy has been around for over 20 years. Only in the last 10 years have Class IV therapeutic lasers been available. The difference is in power output and energy delivered. Most older lasers, typically called Class III or IIIb lasers, have a maximum power output of 400 to 500 mW, or milliwatts. The LightForce EX Class IV laser has a maximum output of 15 Watts (W).  This higher power output means more energy is delivered to your cells in a shorter period of time. The laser light is also able to penetrate deeper into tissues, such as muscle and bone. A typical 6 minute Class IV Laser treatment might take upwards of 2 hours with a Class III or IIIb laser in order to achieve the same amount of energy (Joules) delivered to your tissues.

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